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frequently asked questions

Deadline Extended! Get your submissions in by January 31st!

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What is a metaverse?

For the purposes of this awards program, a metaverse or spatial web environment is defined as any 3-dimensional digital location that enables real-time immersive interaction between two or more individual digital participants.

Does my project have to exist in a metaverse?

No! We have categories specific to projects that exist in a metaverse or spatial web environment. From the Innovation Categories that would include the “Metaverse Destination” and “Workplace Extension” categories. The “Best Use of Blockchain & Tokens” category requires active use of blockchain technology or a minted NFT. All “Built Categories” must exist in a metaverse or spatial web environment.

Does my project have to exist in the physical world?

No! It’s okay if your project doesn’t exist in a metaverse or the physical world. We know there are great projects that were stopped short of construction, creative explorations that defy the laws of physics, and passion projects used to explore emerging technologies. We want to see and celebrate those who embrace creativity and push the limits of their curiosity, even it’s a collection of 3D renderings – there’s a place for it in the MAD Awards.

What does web3 mean for the MAD Awards?

web3 is the name for the next evolution of the internet. This includes the concept of decentralization, essentially owning your own data, but it also includes different technologies web3 utilizes, i.e. blockchain, metaverse, etc.


what is the cost to enter?

$250 - Early bird (October 24 - November 27, 2022)

$299 - Regular entry (November 28 - January 31, 2023)

$25 - Students

are there eligibility guidelines?

Domestic and international submissions are welcome for all categories.

Submissions are open to architecture, design, and manufacturing professionals, firms, and companies using 3D tools to explore, experiment, design, and build for Web3 or in a metaverse.


All participants must be 18 years or older. Participating students must be enrolled in an academic program including; private, public, online, or homeschool for secondary school (high school); undergraduate, graduate, or vocational education program.


Projects that have been previously awarded or published are not excluded from entry.

what information will i need to enter?

Name, email, and phone number

Company, firm, or school name

Company, firm, or school website

Job title or academic program

Technology/Tools used

Platform used (for built projects only)

Project consideration statement

High-resolution images, 3D file(s) (3D files are requested as a means to verify the authenticity and ownership of work. Files will not be shared or published.)

Videos, live website or metaverse links

what categories are available this year?

View the 2023 list of categories here

is there a limit to how many entries i can submit?

No, there is no limit to the number of entries you may submit. Each entry can be submitted to one category at a time. If you would like to submit the same entry to additional categories, you will have the option to duplicate your entry at the end of the form. If you would like to duplicate an entry that has already been submitted, you can go to your completed entries under "My Account" and click "copy".

can i start my entry and then return to it later?

Yes, you may begin your entry, save, and revisit it at any time. To access your in-progress entries, go to the "my account" link on the top right-hand side of the page. You will find a menu on the left with "My Entries".

can i duplicate an entry?

Yes. If you would like to copy over information from one entry to a new entry you may use the checkbox on the last page of the entry form. You may then make changes to the entry copy or enter the same submission to additional categories. If the submission has been finalized, you may duplicate it by clicking "Copy Application" on the Complete Submissions page of your account.

can i edit or change my entry once it has been submitted?

If you need to make a vital change to a submitted entry, please email awards@interiordesign.net

how will i know if i am a finalist?

You will receive an email if your project is chosen as a finalist in February 2023. This email will be sent to the contact email address used on the entry form. A list of finalists will also be posted on InteriorDesign.net and on madawards.design.

how will I know if i won?

Winners will be announced in March 2023. Further details on the 2023 MAD Awards ceremony will be announced at a later date.

what do i get if i win?

Winners will be honored during a ceremony hosted in the Spatial metaverse. In addition, winners will be mentioned in an editorial feature in an upcoming issue of Interior Design, featured in an online gallery on InteriorDesign.net, receive creative assets for use on digital and print marketing materials, and qualify for exclusive advertising opportunities with INTERIOR DESIGN.


Stay tuned for updates regarding additional recognition for participants and finalists as well as exclusive awards for the 2023 MAD Awards winners.

are all submissions published?

At this time, we are not able to publish every submission--this honor is reserved for winners and honorees. Winners will be mentioned in an editorial feature in an upcoming issue of Interior Design and featured in an online gallery on InteriorDesign.net 


how are entries selected?

Entries will be judged by a panel of A+D leaders and Web3 experts curated by Interior Design and digby. Judges reserve the right to re-assign entries that do not fit the requirements of the submitted category. Judges also reserve the right to remove entries where they do not meet the requirements for submission.

Judging will take place from January 11 - March 6, 2023.


Stay tuned for updates regarding juror announcements for the 2023 MAD Awards jury panel.


what? when? where?

Winners will be announced during a ceremony in the Spatial metaverse in April of 2023. Stay tuned for updates regarding event details for the 2023 MAD Awards.


how can i sponsor the 2023 MAD awards?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the 2023 MAD Awards, please contact madawards@sandowdesign.com or bbonett@sandowdesign.com

Tessa Bain, co-founder of awards partner digby, explains what type of work can be submitted to the MAD Awards